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The Purpose of our Website!

The purpose of our Website is not to get you to use all of our services (although we want you to use all that are useful to you) but to alert you as to what we have come up with so far and to encourage you to advise us of what else you would like us to do for you! Our intent is to utilize all of the powers of the electronic age on your behalf and bring them to you in a way that you wished for but thought were beyond your reach. It is indeed a pleasure to avail yourself of the power that lies on this site and that you will do so without restraint. Ask and if it cannot be provided immediatly we will attempt to find a way to get ir done.

From the day Kenneth E Daniel, Sr. entered the tax and accounting business back in 1970, he has worked one-on-one with thousands of individual and small business clients. Today his daughter Kimberly, and him continue to provide the personal services on a year round basis you all have come to expect and appreciate. We are surrounding ourselves with other Professionals who are here for you, no matter where you are.

When clients come to our office what are they looking for?

Tax Practitioners have been told over and over in the past few years that we are going to have to widen our area of expertise in order to adequately serve our clients' growing needs.

What areas do our clients need help in?

Well, they do need our expertise in the traditional areas of accounting and taxes. They also need assistance in the field of personal relations, start ups and just plain trying to figure out what it is that is going on around them and happening to them.

Taxes affect approx. 20% of a person’s life. We have been having an impact on about 20% of the life of a typical person that I interact with. For us, this is not enough. We want to have an impact on 100% of these people’s lives.

If you need just a simple tax return, We here for you; but if you need trusted business advisors who will help you maximize your tax strategy, grow your business, and plan your long-range finances, we are there for you too. Our services are all provided for a price our clients consider more than fair.

This is your final stop if you are looking for professionals who care. If you are looking for the best Tax Professionals and Business Advisors, We are who you are looking for. You can find cheaper but you will not find better.

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